British Cheer Dad puts spotlight on UK Cheerleading!

Here at I Love Cheer®, our fundamental objective is to increase the awareness of the sport throughout the world! So we’re always looking out for fantastic people who are doing exactly the same. We asked one of our fav’s BritishCheerDad to submit an article to us about his blog and how he got so involved in cheerleading!

How did you start BritishCheerDad and what is the background behind your blog?

I started BritishCheerDad up in 2014, i had watched cheerleading for 10 years, sat at every comp my daughter competed in and literally watched it all day as I loved the sport so much, I really had become addicted! I decided to start posting pics from competitions on Twitter and then decided to make a Snapchat of every competition I attended. My first audience was 2 followers!

This started to grow when people realised it was not just a Dad posting the odd photo and some typical Dad comments! It would become a place for cheer news, competition reviews and video clips etc … I started the blog in 2015 and again the first post, only had one reader which was probably me clicking on it by mistake! I stuck with it and this season i am following a programme each month and its a chance for every programme to apply to become my monthly team, the idea behind this is we sit at so many competitions, see the same faces and programmes but do we know anything about them? No! We all know the larger programmes but how about about the smaller ones?

A screenshot of BritishCheerDad blog news:


What are your plans for this season?

My monthly blog gives an insight into some of the programmes (Large and small). This season it will see my biggest coverage yet, again posting from UK competitions and the USA. All of my social media outlets continue to grow (Facebook the slowest so if you could like and share it would help me so much), with my followers support we can continue to promote UK cheer to the people who don’t know about cheer here in the UK and we can continue to put British cheerleading out there to the rest of the world!

BritishCheerDad meeting Zodiac Allstars after they’d competed in Bournemouth:


What gives you the inspiration to continue promoting cheerleading in the future?

People always ask me why do you do this? For me the answer is simple. I Love Cheer and so does my daughter, if i can do my bit to promote cheer in the UK and worldwide then i have succeeded in my aim. Cheer has given my daughter so much and so many opportunities, making her the person she is today. I feel by doing what i do which i enjoy so much, it gives a bit back to Cheer as it’s given so much to my family.

A massive thank you to BritishCheerDad for his article, make sure you check out his blog here and follow him up on social media by using the links below:








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