Up and Coming UK Cheer Program!

Here’s I Love Cheer®’s latest article by cheerleading coach Alexandra Ford on her new program, Aspire West London, that began in January 2016! – but there’s a much longer story behind the program!

What is the background behind Aspire West London?

The athletes that have been with Aspire since January used to train at the same location under a program of a different name, learning a variety of sports including dance, cheerleading and theatre. All of them had been with this program for at least a year and some as long as 8 years – but they had never competed! As head coach I was in my final year at university when I first met the girls as I was employed by the coach that ran the last program and couldn’t believe that the girls had never competed in Cheerleading! I began to plan for them to compete in 2016 but then there was a big hiccup – the coach that had been running the program decided to give it up.

Ouch, what happened next?

The girls at the program were so passionate and dedicated that I decided to take on program and rebrand it to become ‘Aspire West London’, on my own. I was very nervous at the giant prospect of making all this happen alone, but the athletes kept me positive and focused week in, week out. After a long time (8 years for some!) the girls finally had the chance to compete at BCA Nationals in June of 2016 – and both teams (Hip Hop and Cheer) hit zero deductions. It was an incredible first competition for the brand new program and I couldn’t have been prouder!

Aspire West London competing at BCA Summer Showdown 2016:


What are your plans for this season?

Now in the early stages of our second season, Aspire West London has FIVE teams (Mini Level 1 Stunt, Junior Level 2 Cheer, Senior Level 3 Stunt, Junior Hip Hop and Junior Pom) and FOUR coaches – Myself (Head Coach), Ellie (Pom Coach) and Megan and Paige (Assistant Coaches). The now program have professionally made music this year from count2eight and are receiving their first ever team uniforms designed and made by Liberty Cheerwear.

We are very excited to be competing in not one, but THREE competitions this season! We will be at ICC Southerns, FC Adventure in Atlantis and FC Into the Future – so if you see us and recognise us, please come and say hi! Being such a small and new program can make competing intimidating but if we can make friends from other programs, that would be amazing!

A massive thank you to Alex for her article and we wish Aspire West London a massive good luck this season, make sure you give them a shout out on Instagram @AspireWestLondon and introduce yourself at upcoming comps so that they feel part of the #CheerFamily!

You can find our more about Aspire West London here.


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